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Innovative solutions for your health care needs

As part of our integrated approach to health care, Toms River Senior Care offers innovative solutions to make the lives of our patients a lot easier and much more comfortable. We take advantage of modern medical technologies to deliver high-quality services for you and your loved ones.

Senior technology care includes:

  • Embodied Labs
    Embodied Labs is a simulation software solution for organizations dedicated to offering superior care and service. It strives to increase training, awareness, and caregiver and family support. Those providing care can embody the viewpoints and conditions of others through virtual reality experiences, obtaining knowledge that standard training tools cannot offer. Our users will be able to give more effective care as a result of these insights.
  • Intuition Robotics
    Intuition Robotics is a digital companion company that uses artificial intelligence to create robots that allow older people to interact with family and friends, effectively making technology more accessible to them.
  • Ageless Innovation
    Ageless Innovation creates engaging and interactive companion pet toys for seniors. By harnessing the power of play, the organization hopes to rethink how we age pleasantly.
  • Neuro Rehab VR
    Virtual reality can be a valuable tool for learning harmful or challenging tasks. Neuro Rehab VR gives a new entertaining and unique alternative by immersing the patient in numerous treatment VR 3D activities to stimulate their brain and assist in developing new neural connections to aid in rehabilitation.
  • Toi Labs
    Toi Labs assists seniors in keeping track of their health. Their devices provide an innovative approach to quick and uncomplicated wellness monitoring.
  • VitalTech
    VitalTech is a fast-growing provider of fully integrated digital health solutions and smart biomedical wearables that collect and analyze data in real-time. Simply put, it improves the quality of life for seniors by providing linked care services and smart wearable gadgets that have a favorable impact on their health.